Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lil Update

Wow its been awhile since I have posted!! I got my results back for my OGT's. Well actually I got a call first, my academic advisor was like Shekinah I am very proud of you. I'm like okay. She said I got your results in my hands from the OGT's. I was like really. She said you passed all five of them!! I started crying!! lol!! Mom thought Mrs. Craver was yelling at me. When I hung up the phone mom was like whats going on. I said she got my scores back from OGT's. Mom said really how did you do. I couldn't keep in the happiness any longer, I screamed I passed all five!! I was so happy. I called almost all of my family lol. For you that dont know what OGT's is it is five test Math, Reading, Writing, Science and Social Studies that you take as a sophmore, you have to pass all five in order to graduate high school. School is out. I am thinking about going to public school this next year. I haven't really decided yet!
I don't have anything planned for this summer. I am hoping to go see my family in Kentucky and hang out with friends that I haven't seen in awhile. So if anyone wants to hang out just call me or email me lol!! Welp I guess this is all for now!


~LoRnA~ said...

O that is such GREAT news!! Awesome!! and thanks for the comment!! you are SO sweet!! TTYL!!

Blog of a College Student said...

congrats on passing your OGT's!! is those the really stupid tests where you have to write like tons?? i hated those things!!! lol..but i passed, thankfully! this is ruth by the way, i just thought i'd let you know i have a blog now!! hope you have a safe & happy 4th!