Thursday, May 8, 2008

All about Bobby and Dregon!

Bobby and Dregon they are the cutest boys! They make Sissy laugh! Trying to take pictures of the boys! Its was kinda hard but here is a few of them!

Picture says it all!

Ewww Dregon! What are you doing??

Awww!! How cute!! Thats Sissy's lovie boys!

Sissy what are you doing?

Bobby behind the wheel! Well as you can see he can't reach!

OH NO! Now Dregon is behind the wheel!!

Playing hide and go seek with sissy!! LoL!!

Can you believe he was throwing a fit? I thought how he was throwing his fit was so cute lol!

I love this picture! Look at that smile!

Bobby said, " Look sissy I climbed a tree! LoL! Its a cute picture though!


~LoRnA~ said...

Awww I enjoyed the pics!! They are SOOO CuTe!!