Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tea Party..

Hello everyone,
Can you believe it is finally snowing?? I am so excited! Today me and my mom went to a tea party. We was my Aunt Laura's guests. The forty-five minute drive over there was terrible. But as soon as we got there, we started having fun. It was called a tea party but not much tea was drank, well not atleast at out table. We had to go around and judge the different table designs. There was some really pretty ones! I got a lot of neat decorating ideas. Applebees catered the food. It was really good except the salad. lol. As we was eating, the church trio (New Harmony Trio) sang. My Aunt Larua is a singer in it. Then they started giving out the first session of doorprizes. I was the last one to win in that session. I won a candle. It smells really good. They had a special speaker come out and do a life story on Lottie Moon. It was so interesting! I wish you all could have heard it!! Then at the end my mom won a doorprize. Well I just thought I would tell you about my day!

Our table. It was really pretty.
My place setting.

Momma and her sister Laura. Momma looked so pretty!

Me of course.