Friday, July 18, 2008

Catch up and Please pray for me.

Well first off Matthew's Birthday party went well! We had a lot of fun! He got a lot of neat gifts. Mom bought water guns to put in the gift bags. Oh it wasn't good! lol!! At the end the water guns wasn't good enough and people was going and getting pitchers of water and dumping on us. I was drowned. We also played corn hole. Matt's theme was American Flag.

I have been sick the past two days. I went to the doctor today and he thinks I have Mono and strep thoart. I had to have blood drawn and throat cultures taken. He also thinks my spleen is enlarged so I ain't allowed to do anything. I can't be around anyone either! It is terrible! Please pray for me! I go back on Wednesday to get the results back.

Matt is 4 and a half years younger then me and he is already taller then me lol!
Matt's cake.

This person couldn't find tape to wrap his gift so they used a ban-aid. lol

Me and Shelly playing corn hole. I was soaked lol.